Terms & Conditions

We want to make sure your travel arrangements go smoothly. Hot Promotional Vacations is not

responsible for any commitments made to you by any other company, verbal or written. 

1. Peak season travel is available at peak season surcharges. Void where prohibited by law.

2. Peak season is considered the high season of travel and is determined by the location you wish to travel to. Some destinations have different peak seasons than others. All travel request are based on availability.

3. Certain day & time restrictions apply to all vacations and is at the discretion of the booking

companies. Booking outside of a Tuesday or Wednesday will incur additional surcharges & fees.

4. Group travel is welcomed; however is based on availability. Hot Promotional Vacations cannot guarantee group travel, however we will make every effort to accommodate all group request.

5. Hot Promotional Vacations is an independent company and not affiliated with the company you received your vacation from; and have no knowledge of who you received your vacation from or the terms of that agreement. Vacation pricing is subject to change prior to vacation being All travel must be booked and taken within 12 months of purchase.

6. If you have registered and have questions, please email: hotpromotionalvacations@gmail.com ( or ) contact us at: 888-905-8499

7. Once you have registered and submitted your vacation request, they will be happy to answer any questions about your request. If you have not registered with the booking company they will not be able to answer any questions.In order to receive the least expensive quote possible from the booking company, there are a few things to consider.The quote you receive from the booking company is based on current pricing. Quotes are only good for 24hrs.

8. Once you have registered, filled out your vacation request forms and submitted them you will be contacted with a quote for your vacation within (7) business days. Your general surcharges & taxes will apply. Additional surcharges may apply for your airfare, based on your travel destination & travel dates. All travel dates requested outside of our promotional parameters will include a quote with additional service charges.

Promotional pricing is based on the following criteria:

     (A): Departures must be on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

     (B): This offer is not valid for group travel.

     (C): This offer cannot be combined with any other Promotional certificate offer.

     (D): All Travel must be done 7 days before or 7 days after a major holiday.

     (E): Promotional pricing included the following destinations: Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago,              Atlantic City (flying into Philadelphia, PA), Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta,                              Baltimore,Washington DC, Minneapolis, St Louis, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego, New Orleans,                  Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Nashville.

Note: Traveling outside of these parameters may incur additional surcharges.

International travel & last minute travel is available at customer request. Additional fees & surcharges will apply.

10. The quote that you receive will only be good for 24 hours, so it is imperative that you

accept and pay your fees quickly to avoid any change in your quote.

11. Vacation pricing is subject to change prior to vacation being confirmed. All travel must be booked and taken within 12 months of activation.

12. The vacation deposit that you have paid will be deducted from your final fees.

REFUND POLICY- Once you have submitted a reservation request and received a quote on your request, there are no refunds of the vacation deposit. You may request a refund of your vacation deposit if you do not submit a travel request within nine months of your vacation activation date. For a fee of $25 you can receive an extension of 6 months (or) for a fee of $50 you you will receive an extension of one full year.

13. International travel & last minute travel is available at customers request , additional fees & surcharges will apply.

14. In order to receive the least expensive quote possible from the booking company there are a few things to consider. If you are flexible in the days of the week you travel or you can fly on a less busy fly day, your quote will be less expensive. The quote you receive from the booking company is the current quote based on current pricing.